Quality Policy

To create a perfect work environment in which all employees use their skills to the fullest and enjoy the work.

To provide the best value to both domestic and foreign customers beyond expectations and to continuously improve the Quality Management System.



In line with this, to ensure that all our employees;

  • Receive occupational health and safety training and raise their awareness on this subject,
  • To achieve “Zero work accident – Zero Incapacity for Work – Zero Loss of Workforce” by measuring and improving occupational health and safety management performance.
  • To offer trainings on the subjects of quality and efficiency,
  • Fulfill their duties conscientiously and correctly, on time, without any need for further corrections,
  • To ensure that errors that may increase costs are minimized (eliminated)
  • To ensure that they are employees who suggest, correct, and improve

As a result of these principles;

  • To create a competitive company with the principle of on-time delivery and appealing prices.
  • To achieve uninterrupted quality with the belief that quality is the responsibility of everyone, not specific groups.
  • To increase the morale and satisfaction of the employees, to create a sense of responsibility, and to guarantee their future.

To earn the trust of our stakeholders by following the changes and developments in the field of technology and carrying out our activities in line with National and International standards.

Thus, it is the common policy of each of our employees to increase our number of customers in domestic and foreign markets.

Our company offers production services in line with technical drawings and in line with the information provided about the desired works.


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